2 Din Car Radio Volkswagen 7 inch HD DVD GPS Bluetooth Mirrorlink WiFi FM Stereo

2 Din Car Radio Volkswagen 7 inch HD DVD GPS Bluetooth Mirrorlink WiFi FM Stereo

2 Din Car Radio Volkswagen 7 inch HD DVD GPS Bluetooth Mirrorlink WiFi FM Stereo

2 Din Car Radio Volkswagen 7 inch HD DVD GPS Bluetooth Mirrorlink WiFi FM Stereo. Cliquez sur l'image pour l'agrandir. Compatible with Android and iOS systems. Read U disk (audio / video / picture). GPS navigation, Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity.

Rear view function (camera not included). Compatible with original car steering wheel 7. Download and install the APP on your smartphone. General - CPU: Cortex A7 Quad Core - RAM: 1GB - ROM 16GB - Radio frequency: FM 87.5 108MHz - Power: 60W - Language: Indonesian, Malay, Czech, Danish, German, English, Spanish, Filipino, French, Croatian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Dutch, Norwegian Bokmal, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Finnish, Swedish, Vietnamese, Turkish, Greek, Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian, Hebrew, Urdu, Arabic, Persian, Hindi, Bengali, Thai, Khmer, Korean, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese - Factory setting password: 6666 - Dimensions: 220x210x130x47mm. Screen - Size: 7 inches - Resolution: 1024 x 600.

Network - Bluetooth 4.0 - WiFi - GPS. Ports - 2 x Audio outputs - 2 x Audio inputs - 2 x Video inputs - 1 x Reverse input - 1 x Video output - 1 x Subwoofer output - 1 x Antenna input. Multimedia Formats - Audio: MP3 / WMA / WAV / APE / FLAC - Video: RM / RMVB / AVI / MP4 / MKV / 3GP - Picture: JPG.

Package Content - 1 x Car multimedia radio - 1 x GPS antenna - 1 x Radio antenna patch cord - 1 x Reverse video input cable - 2 x USB port - 1 x Power bus cable. Nous acceptons également les paiements par virement bancaire.

Nous vous enverrons toutes les données nécessaires pour le paiement dès que l'article est acheté. Dans 90% des cas, le transfert a lieu dans les 5 jours ouvrables. Toutes les commandes sont expédiées d'Italie.

Tous les envois sont traités par DHL, et sont originaires de l'Italie, sans frais de douane. La livraison est dans les 2-5 jours ouvrables à compter de la date d'expédition Quand expédié, nous vous ferons parvenir le code de suivi. It is a very simple proceudre. When you open the ticket, our support center receives real-time reporting.

You'll have to write the ticket uniquely encountered problems with the product, indicating much detail as possible. Within 48 hours one of our technicians will contact with you via the support center, and it will show you possible solutions to the problem, not to send the item to the service center. Much of the software problems that are reported to us, in fact, are simply solved by the reset of the devices or other software devices. We do everything possible to prevent the return, and we prefer that the matter be resolved directly by the customer, under our guidance.

In case the technician finds that it is impossible to solve the problem on your part, It will ask you to send the device, giving you all the instructions for the reshipment. It will be the customer to decide how to send us the product to the address indicated. The product is tested by our technicians to see the fault reported by the customer. In most cases, the repair of the appliance is carried out on site, directly from our service center, with a relatively short time (1-2 weeks). These schedules are subject to change if they were to be the spare parts available necessary to repair.

In any case, you can always ask for detailed information writing on the support ticket you previously opened. In special cases, and depending of the fault or of the articles, we may not be able to repair the on-site equipment. In this case, the times increase considerably, and for the repair may take 8 to 10 weeks. Once repaired the product, you Vera notified, and you will be sent a detailed report of the repairs carried out on the device by technicians. After a test phase, we will proceed to the return of the terminal, at our expense.

In our catalog we are of IP68 products. This certification guarantees the impermeability of the device in certain conditions. To ensure the seal, all mouse pads must be inserted in the correct way, and the device must be completely intact. It is not within the terms of guarantee, in any case, a faulty device due to ingress of water or other liquids. Such a defect is not in fact due to a factory defect, but with the improper use by the customer.

Even if the device is certified as waterproof, in fact, it can not determine whether the water leakage was caused by a fall, or by missing carpets, or on the integrity of the device. It's possible that a waterproof object, after a fall, may lose the seal, if you also create small cracks in the external plastic are not visible to the naked eye. In our catalog, they are of Rugged products, that the smartphone or other devices extremely resistant to shocks and falls.

These products are more resistant than others of the same type do not rugged, but still NOT INDESTRUCTIBLE. The rugged smartphone, for example, have the display, and is made of glass. It'a stronger glass than a regular smartphone, but it's still glass and can break. Do not fall within the terms of guarantee, under any circumstances, damaged in products They fall or hurt, even if it's rugged products. Within the terms of guarantee all malfunctions due to manufacturing defects.

The times indicated above are indicative only, and reflected in 90% of cases the reality, however, each case is in its own right, and you can not generalize the repair times for any type of problem. Now I encountered a problem and I would like to be repaired, paying the sum due for repair. We have set up a service center and organized an indenting not easy management, after years of work.

It'a legal responsibility to provide the guarantee. It all depends on the availability of spare parts. The products we sell are constantly changing, and unfortunately it happens that even after a few months of production being updated, and therefore is no longer possible to get spare parts for the repair. I opened a ticket service, and now I have to return the product to you. Send it as you wish.

What interests us is that the product we arrive at the address indicated. It does not care how. Send with the post office, by courier, or take it for yourself, for us it makes no difference. The bench professional repairs made of a material that does not allow the accumulation of electrostatic energy.

One of the many voltage stabilizers present in the laboratory, a tester, and a professional precision welder. The electron microscope allows us to intervene in the circuits become smaller and smaller and minimized. The technician proceeds to replace a pad Touch Screen to a THL W8. Before you go put the thickness! Other equipment and spare parts.

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2 Din Car Radio Volkswagen 7 inch HD DVD GPS Bluetooth Mirrorlink WiFi FM Stereo

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